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General Chat / Re: HeroMages Dead?
March 08, 2016, 12:23:16 AM MT
I invited you to a 4 way game strawberryJAM

The bigger the game the better in my opinion! I tried to send you a 2nd game invite too but wasn't able to until you accept my friend request. Have fun!
General Chat / Re: GET INVITED!
February 25, 2016, 09:45:06 PM MT
I'm sad this never happened  :'(
General Chat / Re: HeroMages Dead?
February 25, 2016, 09:41:59 PM MT
I came back again recently and have stayed. Q666 is still playing, though he def tends to prefer unranked group matches! Even Ross himself joined a multi player game recently, only for one of the other players not to accept the invite.  >:(
I used to play this game so much. Worldchamp was logged recently too, said he was just passing through. Seems a shame Ross no longer looks after the game though. Was great fun a few years back when it was a thriving community and I regularly had 8 player games going.
Would be nice to hear from Ross himself...
General Chat / Re: Hero Mages Board Game
January 25, 2016, 11:19:19 PM MT
Any update on this at all? Kickstarter is your friend :)
Feature Requests / Re: Android Push Notifications
November 08, 2013, 07:45:50 AM MT
Yes please! Would be awesome.   :)
Suggestions & Comments / Re: Dispel and Imprision?
February 21, 2013, 01:38:50 AM MT
The spell that removes walls does this already though q, so no need to over power dispel by also making it remove walls (when cast externally)
Bugs & Support / Re: IMPORTANT: Sprint Exploit
February 13, 2013, 10:52:39 PM MT
Noticing this myself. Some bizarre offensive tactics going on and all out suicidal attacks, and then suddenly two characters "coincidentally" roll 7's and are able to escape  :-\
Suggestions & Comments / Re: How to grow community?
February 11, 2013, 10:46:25 PM MT
pretty sure I done a search for   "hero quest" recently too  :D
Can't remember if that was what brought me here though, but was definitely through random searches that I found the game!

Agree with both above however. I didn't know what async meant when I saw it, and was looking for opponents in other ways. Amazing game though so I persevered! Luckily. It does need to be clearer how to initially go about finding opponents.
Bugs & Support / Re: Another stuck game
February 11, 2013, 10:24:34 PM MT
I've been in to try and see if I can do anything with my turn, but alas no. It seems we are stuck.  :'(