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Bugs & Support / Multiplayer Log-in on IPhone4..
September 05, 2012, 08:20:30 PM MT
Good Afternoon, Ross,

Wanted to let you know, I updated the game on my Iphone4.  Single player game and replay worked fine.  Tried to log into the multiplayer..  Pulls up the new screen, but hovers there with a "Prosessing Request" screen in front of it and remains there.  Let it sit like that for about 10 minutes with no change.  Attempted three more times with the same effect.  Just thought I'd let you know.

Game Balance / Re: Paladin and Fighter Mage Changes
August 02, 2012, 02:29:39 PM MT
If I remember my old DnD, Elves had a natural 'resistance' to sleep and stun effects.  Instead of an immunity to stun for the FM, perhaps it should be a resistance.  Cut movement in half, remove sprint for that turn and prevent casting.  Attacking should be allowed.  As well as Flash.

I agree with the Pally mods.  Remove self-heal.  Add broader spectrum for Bless.  Might even consider a combining of the heal and bless into one ability, raising its cost and is used as a 'as needed' ability concerning results.  If its needed as a bless and you don't need the health, then it just clears status effects.  Vice versa.  Or both if needed.  Thus the extra cost.  That way, it leaves you a window to create a second ability without worrying about the three ability difference.  Perhaps a Holy attack of some kind, like Holy Smite or Pillar of Fire..
I voted on IndiePub Games with username: Uberdoggie

Here is my submission for new character creation.

Character Name | Scorpion/Guardian
     STR: 2 DEF: 16 LIFE: 6/6

     Ability 1 Teleport | 1card/ 2spaces
     Description: Guardian can teleport 2 spaces in any linear           
                         direction. (No diagonal)

     Ability 2 "Get Over Here" | 2cards/ 1 throw
     Description: Guardian throws a barbed chain at target up to
                         4 spaces away. (Str roll/No diagonal) If success,     
                         target receives 2 damage and is pulled into the     
                         space directly in front of guardian.  Must have         
                         clear LOS.                   

Character Name | Sub-Zero/Guardian
     STR: 4 DEF: 15 LIFE: 5/5

     Ability 1 Frozen Armor | passive/counter
     Description: An aura of frozen air swirls around the                     
                        Guardian.  If attacked and hit, chance attacker is                         
                         frozen until end of Guardian's turn.

     Ability 2 "Frozen Fury" | 2cards/ 1 blast
     Description: Guardian sends his rage through a sharpened ice   
                         ring.  Ring extends to each adjacent space around 
                         guardian, doing 2 damage and a freezing effect     
                         for 1rnd.  Missed enemies are unaffected.  Allys     
                         are not immune.

Character Name | Sheng Tsung/Sorcerer
     STR: 3 DEF: 13 LIFE: 5/5

     Ability 1 Soul Syphon | 2cards/ effect |
     Description: Mage does 2 damage, thus releasing their soul       
                         and consuming it to gain 2 life.  Ability can only be       
                         used if target has 2 life.  1 space radius.

     Ability 2 Mimic Fighter/Mage | 1card/ FLASH | Valor 5
     Description: Using prior knowledge through souls consumed,     
                         the mage is able to mimic the FighterMage's Flash     

     Ability 3 Mimic Sorcerer | 2card/ Fireball | Valor 10
     Description: Using prior knowledge through souls consumed,     
                         the mage is able to mimic the Sorcerer's                 

     Ability 4 Mimic Wizard | 1card/ 2mana | Valor 15
     Description: Using prior knowledge through souls consumed,     
                         the mage is able to mimic the Wizard's Meditate.

J.D.L. 08/05/10