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Another game mode

Started by kastenessen, August 31, 2009, 11:53:21 AM MT


I've seen people suggest Assassination mode a few times, but I was thinking about other types that'd be fun.

One in particular would be a FFA mode requiring 3 or more players.  Essentially each player is assigned a target - whoever's target dies first wins.  The idea is that everyone would have one single kill to snatch victory, but it is in everyone else's interest to ensure they can't quite get there... but don't hurt someone too hard, because you might weaken them too much!




I was thinking kast, maybe if in this game mode all Manipulation cards are removed.  Or at least the sleeps, teleports and reposition. (or new ones made for the wizard) So that the quick attacks cant happen and it becomes more of a "infiltrate" the guardians to his hero type thing.  Idk, I just wont ever play this mode as long as my opponent first turn can appear by me and hit me hard


I just don't understand your comment about not playing this if you can die first turn.  That can, more or less, happen *right now* in the current game modes.  If your hero can be killed first turn in the game as it currently is, it is still very much over, just not formalised.

I'm sure the priority across all game modes is to limit how often this sort of thing happens.



Yes, but in the duel map, if he would to bring his hero to try and kill my hero, there is a good chance my guardians can kill him before he gets away next turn. Its basically like chess, trade a queen for a queen. But because in this mode you cant even come back on it to make it a guardian vs guardian fight. Its just over.

So without teleport/reposition he couldnt do that in this mode. Only other times they can kill your hero in a duel is if you play on a 4p map in certain positions and have the right cards.

You can go ask turkish. 4 FFA i went first.  I killed his hero before he could do anything because i repositioned my hero with his so my guardians could reach him, and attack. But he stayed a thorn in my side until i finally killed him very late in the game. I feel there needs to be changes to more than just  hero = auto win for a mode like this (as I said maybe different cards, or my previous idea that for each guardian still alive, the hero has a higher Def/hp or takes less damage). That way they still would make it easier to kill 1 guardian before the final kill.

And your wrong about that. I have won 4 games where my hero was killed on my opponents 3rd turn when i didnt even hit him yet. That is the problem, in current games Your guardians can (And I have witnessed/performed in) come back because he wasted alot to get that quick kill. But in a mode where that only matters... There is no chance for comeback, at all.

Ross Przybylski

I think what kastenessen is suggesting here is different than Mage assassination- rather it's a secret assassination mission.  This would probably be a FFA exclusive where each player's target is a different opposing player.  At the start of the game, a prompt would identify the target unit you must assasinate.  Once your target unit is defeated, you automatically win the game (unlike Mage assassination, where killing the mage simply eliminates the player).  You could even do this as a points based system where, instead of ending the game, play continues but you are assigned a new target.  Perhaps the most successful hits after so many rounds or a certain total is met would end the game.

I think this game type and the mage assination would be fun distractions form the regular elimination gametype.  The mage assination in particular wouldn't be too difficult to implement either (the hard part is determining how it would affect ratings and if we had to introduce a new series of rating brackets for it).  So, what I was thinking we could do in the shortterm is include it as an unranked exclusive gametype.  This way, players can experiment with it and see what they think (without hurting their ranks) and we can go from there.  No different than playing a fast-paced skittles game or other custom map/gamtype ideas that others have created, so why not give it a try?
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The points on secret annihilation sounds interesting (in FFA) of course, that way you cant stay back and defend while others kill each other (Cuz they could be getting points on the kills they need as you sit back and watch).  And not just hero's but gaurdians as well could be the target. Maybe have 2 players each have the same target so there is competition.

That I can see happening, as it isnt just hero is dead. Game over. you/I lose. Of course that is good advice on any new gametype. Make it unranked and tested for a period of time before used.


Any new game modes would have to be unranked first I'm sure - to both get bugs out and work out if they're popular enough to really bother maintaining.

Another cool one could be King of the Hill - have maps with zones where you score points if you're the only player with units in the zone at the end of a given round. First to X points wins.



Oooo, king of the hill. Maybe instead of an area, its 1 tile that a unit must stand in. (while in it all units have same defense (15?), so no unit has an advantage {of course any buffs will add on top of it}). And yea some point accumilation, or most turns in it.


I second the King of the Hill Mode.