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backgrond story ?

Started by helpicantfly, September 17, 2009, 06:53:43 PM MT


the emperors looking for a hero ? Is that us?
where s the  background on the sorceress ?


She grew up as the youngest child of 3 in a average neighborhood of haiti. There she took an interest in the Magic arts, mystified how it broke all physical Laws. So during school, she didn't have many friends, as she would spend every free moment out of school practicing her spellcraft. Finally the day came at age 16, where she told her parents she wanted to drop out of school to take up the magic arts of Witchcraft as a profession.

Ashamed, her parents kicked her out, and was exiled from ever speaking to them again. This drove her to become not only a great caster, but the greatest caster, to prove once and for all to her family she will make something of herself.

At the age of 18, she enrolled into Wizard School for Beginners. She enjoyed the school, and learned much. She would study with her good friend who was training to be a fighter mage, which she also had a crush on. One day she was studying summon spells with a summoner in training and found out, her crush was dating said summoner. This infuriated her to the point she materialized ice shards out of thin air and threw them at her. All missing but the last shard causing a scar across her eye.

She was so heartbroken and lost her only 2 friends in school because of how she acted, her grades severly slipped and failed wizard school, so as a backup had to go to Community VooDoo College, and could only attain an associates degree as a Sorceress.

---This background story of the sorceress was brought to you by Diesbudt


This is splendid!
Lol   :D
Exploring these forums certainly has its rewards. Thanks,  Diesbudt!


Hadn't seen this one good job scribe if you find any good posts from way back when comment on them lop.