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10/28/2009 Hero Mages: RPG/Dungeon Crawl

Started by Ross Przybylski, October 28, 2009, 06:23:32 PM MT


Thanks for a great game.. I was just wondering how the Dungeon Crawl feature is coming.
Is it still in production?   Looks like it's been 6 years in the making now, and I haven't seen
any updates to the iOS version in two years.
Is there a time line or ETA at all?
Thanks again.  Really looking forward to trying out the new features.

Ross Przybylski

Hi cyoungmi,

Glad you are enjoying the game! The dungeon crawl feature is still something I dream about delivering, but for various reasons, is not something as simple as a feature release I can announce at this time. Not the most exciting answer (I know) but I have confidence that when such a time comes, my next announcement will go far to meet the expectations you and so many of our community here have shared.

Feel welcome to hit me up over email if you have additional questions
Manager of D20Studios, LLC


Hello all,i very loved this game and played every day,i dont have nothing against async feature am aware that was only solution at the time to save the game from ending,i did play async games but it bever felt fun as i had in real time games an thats the main reason i left this game and am shure that is reeson why many famous players left,BUT there is solution,solution is Ross pls consider adding to game lobby a bar in which it could be seen eny player who is online or playing game and make it so we have option when we click on that player on bar that we have option to invite that player to game or add him as frend or send pm,am shure that would make many old players and new ones very happy including me,so we would be able directly invite players who are online to real time or async games,so pls Ross consider this cas i would really wona play this game again.