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Started by Six, March 25, 2010, 08:34:36 PM MT


Make it a real game option please.


Assasination has been up for months, it's under the objective tab in the game description.


errr. maybe i was vague... make it ranked. aka a real game.


The problem with making it ranked, is it would required another wing on the leaderboard for rankings, just making the ranking system even more complicated.

And besides, in 90% of the games I play, once you kill your opponents hero first, you have already won, as long as you don't make a mistake or play unsmartly.

Also its just a rank, Play for the fun of it.

Ross Przybylski

I've got some ideas on adjusting the ranking system to possibly accomodate this without making things too complicated.  More on this soon to come!
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the question is, will it be its own tab? or will it be a category such as 2v2 or ffa?   

Also, duels are already technically an assassination game with me... I have never lost a duel, where my opponents hero died first. Same cannot be said in FFA or 2v2.