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animal cards

Started by fengo, May 06, 2010, 04:14:36 PM MT


animal cards could be like summon cards but instead u call animals like bears,wolves,giant bugs,tigers,and lions. the animals would have to take up 2 spaces though


What's the point exactly of having a new card type be a new card type yet still be exactly a summon?

Also the problem with taking up 2 spaces is that many maps have only 1 space holes, and would not be easy movement for the units to go through. Than you have the problem of them shouldn't be able to attack the back half of their 2 tiles and so on.


thanks for the reply, yes i guess its not a good idea


New summons isn't a bad idea.

Its just that 2 tile size units would make a mess of things, it could be done I'm sure. But thatd be an idea far later down the road.

The animals is fine, for new summons. But they wouldn't need their own card type, since they would act exactly like a summon creature.

Ross Przybylski

Thanks for the suggestion, fengo!  I like that your challenging me with the 2-space occupiers.  I've thought about how cool it would be to have "giant" units that took up more than 1-space, maybe even dragons, demons, or other large creatures that take up 4 spaces. It'll take some work to figure out the mechanics (also how to balance the narrow passage problem) but I think that would be pretty sweet for a future update and especially cool for the dungeon crawl mode.
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