Want to design your own Hero Mages character? Vote for us on indiePub!

Started by Ross Przybylski, July 29, 2010, 06:39:46 PM MT


 I voted on indiePub with username: Shodai

I think creatures, as such, dragons, griffins,  could be created to play on Hero Mages.


I voted on IndiePub Games with username: Uberdoggie

Here is my submission for new character creation.

Character Name | Scorpion/Guardian
     STR: 2 DEF: 16 LIFE: 6/6

     Ability 1 Teleport | 1card/ 2spaces
     Description: Guardian can teleport 2 spaces in any linear           
                         direction. (No diagonal)

     Ability 2 "Get Over Here" | 2cards/ 1 throw
     Description: Guardian throws a barbed chain at target up to
                         4 spaces away. (Str roll/No diagonal) If success,     
                         target receives 2 damage and is pulled into the     
                         space directly in front of guardian.  Must have         
                         clear LOS.                   

Character Name | Sub-Zero/Guardian
     STR: 4 DEF: 15 LIFE: 5/5

     Ability 1 Frozen Armor | passive/counter
     Description: An aura of frozen air swirls around the                     
                        Guardian.  If attacked and hit, chance attacker is                         
                         frozen until end of Guardian's turn.

     Ability 2 "Frozen Fury" | 2cards/ 1 blast
     Description: Guardian sends his rage through a sharpened ice   
                         ring.  Ring extends to each adjacent space around 
                         guardian, doing 2 damage and a freezing effect     
                         for 1rnd.  Missed enemies are unaffected.  Allys     
                         are not immune.

Character Name | Sheng Tsung/Sorcerer
     STR: 3 DEF: 13 LIFE: 5/5

     Ability 1 Soul Syphon | 2cards/ effect |
     Description: Mage does 2 damage, thus releasing their soul       
                         and consuming it to gain 2 life.  Ability can only be       
                         used if target has 2 life.  1 space radius.

     Ability 2 Mimic Fighter/Mage | 1card/ FLASH | Valor 5
     Description: Using prior knowledge through souls consumed,     
                         the mage is able to mimic the FighterMage's Flash     

     Ability 3 Mimic Sorcerer | 2card/ Fireball | Valor 10
     Description: Using prior knowledge through souls consumed,     
                         the mage is able to mimic the Sorcerer's                 

     Ability 4 Mimic Wizard | 1card/ 2mana | Valor 15
     Description: Using prior knowledge through souls consumed,     
                         the mage is able to mimic the Wizard's Meditate.

J.D.L. 08/05/10


I've now voted twice and posted a comment (same username as here); glad to get the e-mailing reminding me of this game! Had some real fun playing a few games today and yesterday.

I'll post up a character idea when I've had a moment to think about a good one...


I posted and rated on the Indie site. Hoping to vote as often as i can...Love hero mages.



voted, commented..

indiepub name: indiebum

IGN: MagicalBum


    Character WereWolf | Guardian 1
    STR: 4 DEF: 12 LIFE: 8/8

    Ability 1 Regeneration | Passive
    Heals 1 HP per Turn, at the end and/or start of your turns
    Ability 2a tough | Cost 1 /Passive
    For one turn takes 1 less damage from attacks ( ,spells and abilities )

    Ability 2b infectious bite | Cost 1/Passive
    If successful unit becomes infected and if then dies,
    after becomes a werewolf unless blessed ( neutral unit bot attacks randomly )
    Ability 2c Pounce | Cost 1/Passive
    Jumping attack from range 4 if visible ( not over/through walls),
    increased damage or str by 1  ( or +X to dice rolls )


    Character Zombie King or Lord/Mage of the Elements | Guardian 2
    STR: # DEF: # LIFE: #/#

    Ability 1 Name | Cost/Passive
    Ability 2 Name | Cost/Passive

    Character Necromancer | Guardian 3
    STR: 3 DEF: 12 LIFE: 6/6

    Ability 1 Dark Magic blast | Cost 1/Passive
    Attack any visible unit ( within 4 spaces/squares, 4 die )

    Ability 2 Life drain shield | Passive
    Any unit that successfully attacks/damages this unit takes 1 damage and
    this unit heals 1 HP

    Vampire Makarov, ( The ) Ancient Vampire | Mage
    STR: 4 DEF: 14 LIFE: 6/6

    Ability 1 Drain Life/Life Drain | Passive | Valor 0
    Heals 1 HP per successful attack ( or heals = to damage dealt on melee attacks )

    Ability 2a Vampire skin/Ancient Body | Passive | Valor 5
    Takes 1 less damage from attacks, spells and abilities


    Ability 2b ( Vampire ) Possession | Cost 2 | Valor 5, 10 or 15
    Take control of visible enemy and you can use them to attack for one turn

    Ability 3a Vampire Kiss | Passive | Valor 10 ( or 15 )
    when makes a kill ( on non-undead/living unit ),
    a Vampire Minion* is spawned in place of killed unit
    *Vampire Minion
    STR: 3 DEF: 12 LIFE: 2/2 ( or STR: 3 DEF: 10 LIFE: 3/3 or STR: 3 DEF: 8 LIFE: 4/4 )
    Heal 1 HP per successful attack ( or heals = to damage dealt )


     Ability 3b Essence Capture | Passive | Valor 10 ( or 15 )
     when kills a unit,  makarov gains +1 STR

    Ability 4 Vampiric Mist/Mist Form | Cost 1-2 | Valor 15 ( or 10 )
    Can pass through walls, units and..
    Can't be hit or damaged until start of next turn, Cost: 2 Cards

   [  Version 1: Can still attack, Cost: 2 Cards.
      Version 2: Can't attack, Cost: 1 Card ]

    FINISH LATER..  :-*


Ok cast my voted with username adrix89
The nice thing is that I knew about this game from the same contest(through another project) and I think is awesome and definitely deserve to win

Alalulu | Mage

STR: 1 DEF: 12 LIFE: 6/6

Madness | 1 Card |
Makes an enemy target unit attack(but not move) a target of your choosing(doesn't affect in any way the target next turn) and cannot be cast on targets that can't attack anything

Foggy Mind | Passive |
At random once every 2nd turn he is given a school in which he cast with 1 less mana
the next turn the bonus disappears

Mindless | 1 Card | 5 Valor
Travels 2 random blocks besides move and sprint,if it hits a blocking unit(aka wants to move at that unit) both will be stunned(character's stun should wear off next round)

R.I.P | 3/4 Cards | 15
Any hero(including himself and allies) in los gets 1str attack for ever hp they have +2 str
(aka a 2/6 hero gets 2+2=4str attack)

Description:A dark mage inspired by all the magical arts,at the cost of his humanity turned himself into something no more human, in the hopes of gaining time to master them all.But fate didn't stand and watch and his magical forces that bind him slowly corroded his mind and turned it into madness.

Feedback about how to tweak it would be appreciated


Here's a couple of ideas:

     Pikeman | Guardian
     STR: 3 DEF: 15 LIFE: 6/6

     Ability 1 Pike | Passive
     This unit may attack enemy units up to three spaces away. Whenever an enemy unit moves within the Pikeman's range, roll 1 attack dice against them.

     Ability 2 Impale | 1 card
     Make an attack against a unit within range.  If you deal any damage to that unit that unit becomes immobilised.

     Negation Mage | Guardian
     STR: 1 DEF: 12 LIFE: 5/5

     Ability 1 Dispel Magic | 2 Cards
     Exactly as the spell of the same name.

     Ability 2 Anti-Magic | Passive
     If Negation Mage deals any damage to a unit, the controller of that unit discards one card for each point of damage so dealt.

     Shield-Bearer | Guardian
     STR: 2 DEF: 17 LIFE: 6/6

     Ability 1 Grant Cover | Passive
     Friendly units surrounding the Shield-Bearer gain 2 defense.

     Ability 2 Shield Bash | 1 card
     Roll one dice against target adjacent enemy unit. On an 8 or above, that unit is stunned.

     Thief | Guardian
     STR: 2 DEF: 13 LIFE: 5/5

     Ability 1 Theft | Passive
     If this unit deals damage to an enemy unit, you may look at the controller of that unit's hand.  Then you may choose to exchange one card in his hand for one card in your own.
     Ability 2 Sneak | 2 card
     Roll one die. On a result of 5 or better, this unit cannot be targetted by attacks, spells or abilities until the start of your next turn.

     Druid | Guardian
     STR: 3 DEF: 14 LIFE: 5/5

     Ability 1 Turtle Form | 1 Card
     This unit gains +3 defense until the start of your next turn and receives only half damage from any sources (round up).  Cannot be used the same turn as Panther Form
     Ability 2 Panther Form | 1 card
     This unit gains +2 strength.  Any time this unit deals damage, deal an extra damage.

     Apprentice Wizard | Guardian
     STR: 2 DEF: 11 LIFE: 5/5

     Ability 1 Teleport | 2 Cards
     As per the spell.
     Ability 2 Lightning Bolt | 0 card
     As per the spell.

     Duellist | Guardian
     STR: 3 DEF: 15 LIFE: 5/5

     Ability 1 Crippling Blow | 1 card
     Roll 2 attack dice against a surrounding enemy unit.  If this ability deals any damage, that unit becomes Immobilised.
     Ability 2 Poison | Passive
     If the Duellist deals any damage to an enemy unit, that unit becomes Poisoned. Poisoned units lose one life at the start of your turns, until the effect is dispelled or the unit is Healed.



Voted for you guys at indiePub

Name; Jah

No idea about a hero yet since I don't have the packs I really have no idea of what to think of that needs to be added.


 I voted on indiePub with username: Hiromitsu
I don't have a idea of a good character, so, i hope other players have a good shot! :)

Ross Przybylski

Thanks again to everyone for votes and support so far!  I think we've got a great chance at winning this!  Also, try to visit our IndiePub game page often- this will help increase our exposure on the site.  Notice I've added a special "PLAY NOW" link on the home page.  You can also play full screen on the IndiePub site using the special expand arrows icon next to the game's rating.
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I voted said it was an awsome game to play and stretegic a very good community and all very freindly people to play with  ;D


i voted, user name is same as here, maltross. For my character idea i'll repost my Golem Lord Hero Mage type with a few changes.

Golem Lord: 2 attack, 15 def, 5/5
5 valor, discard 1, can heal any ally summon in play.
10 valor Can have any number of summons in play.
15 valor, discard 3, destroy target summon in play..

maybe make so he can take control of summons for the 15 valor one.


Maltross I think that character is more suited to be a guardian than hero because it is to similar to summoner
Also that 15def is one sunder away from dead