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An Idea

Started by Aritheall, September 05, 2010, 05:19:30 PM MT


So, not sure how hard this would be to do or if anyone else would be interested in such a thing (or if the idea has been suggested before), but heres my idea: What if you could increase the number of Guards each player controls in a single player (or perhaps multiplayer) game?

Through team games you get some of the cool combinations that are possible through having more guards, but this would be different since its each player commanding an army of 3+ guards instead of just 2. It would also be very different since there would still be only 1 Mage per player. I think it would make for a pretty interesting game as there would be many more options, but it might also make the game very long (perhaps only have feature for single player). There are obviously some problems with the idea (player X has bought extra packs and tricks player Y so that he has more guards in play in the game) but there would no doubt be ways to prevent this.

Anyway, thought I'd just throw the idea out there and see what others think. The game is very good as it is, and there are plenty of options with 1 Mage and two Guards out there for single player. However, I thought it might be interesting for there to be Epic two player 1v1 games where you command an army of say 5 guards each along with your Mage. I like giant chaotic battles with lots of bodies, but I also like to have personal control over lots of bodies (which is why this would be different then a team game). Hmm, so what do you think? Is this an interesting Idea of should I just go and Buy the summoner if I want  control over more bodies?


The only problem with adding more units on an army, is that it is already quite easy to kill a mage, which is the main unit of the army. And giving people even more units (less strategy/skill/luck needed to win) to kill them would be insane.


If you want those Epic battles go on a 3v3 with select teams and heroes
Its all about the teamplay,you even have 3 mages instead of 1
Also I think those battles would be easier if we had some clans


@Dies-Yeah, i thought about that too (after I posted of course), but I still think it would be interesting to try. It would just be another option for people. Perhaps though it would become an unused option like Assassination mode (has anyone every used this play style? I haven't yet or even seen it played). Still, perhaps there would be a way to balance it.

@Tampit-Im not a huge fan of 3v3 or 4v4 games. Being a very competitive person, I prefer 1v1 so that I have only myself to blame for a loss. Also, I have had it in larger games where my Mage or even my whole team has been killed because I went last (having to wait so long or a turn can be annoying as well). Being a huge fan of chess, nothing compares to the thrill of the 1v1. My 1v1 games almost always turn out to be the most intense, and I thought it would be interesting if you threw more guards into the mix or had the option to do so.

Anyway, just an idea...


Im the opposite... duels are just too boring for me now... I mean, i dont lose them often and usually i win by a mile too.

Big Teams on the other hand chaos is everywhere i love it.


Big "team" games (3v3, 4v4)? nah. I am a fan of 2v2v2 or 2v2v2v2 when I do look for a nice relaxing game of chaos :)

Ross Przybylski


I think there's merit to this idea and definately room to work in the option to play with more guardians.  On the opposite spectrum, I've also been considering the possibility of Mage-only games or Guardian brawls as well.
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Hm. An idea could be to have a game type where you each get 4 guardians, but your maximum hand size drops to 3. This way it makes the mage more of a support unit, with the guardians the main army.

Only thing though, I'd recommend keeping this to 4 players or less as 8 players (40 units) on one map would be too much...


@ Ross-yeah, guard brawls would be neat and were one of the things i had considered when writing this post. If you do make them, you would probably need to limit the amount of cards a player draws a turn to one or two though, so that people need to think about what Guard abilities are worth using every turn.

@Dies-That could work very well, the limiting of the hand size. As for the amount of players in a game, yes, This would not work well at all with anymore then 4 players.