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A Clan!

Started by WorldChamp(ELITE), December 12, 2011, 02:51:57 PM MT

Do all you heromages fans think this a cool idea?

5 (83.3%)
0 (0%)
1 (16.7%)

Total Members Voted: 6


     You know, I play alot of online games. Multiplayer to be exact. And "Socom II" is still today being played with many players. Why? I reviewed a couple players because I play there too, and I found out that they like the clans. A clan- Is like a group that others can see and can join by invitation by leader.

     Everybody can make their own clan, or you can join a friends. To indicate what clan you are a part of, maybe the clan name, should be in parentheses. For Example, if I started a clan with the name Knight. My name would then be (Knight)WorldChamp. And all others who join will have Knight in front of their name.

     What ever clan you are a part of, that could be your indication. And also a clan leaderboard. The clan leader board can show you what clans are most active, and everything like the leader board we have now. And if a person doesn't like the clan, he/she can just leave it. And the leader can appoint a new leader if desired. That's one of my idea's that I have been pondering about.   ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Zelanius Forcys

Hey Champ,

It will probably be a requirement sooner or later, but I have never joined any clans in online gaming.

Still a nice idea.

Zela Forcys


The only thing I can add is that each clan should have its own chat room!

Ross Przybylski

Show me the player demand, and clans you shall have...

First, I want to see us max out the default chat lobby with consistent online players of at least 50 people- then I'll gladly give out clan support for custom chat rooms, forums, and much much more.
Manager of D20Studios, LLC


I would like to see clans... I would also love to see the ability to be able to tell if a friend were on/off line before I started a game with them!  :)  Maybe add that into the clans?


yes clan are very cool,me and champ already created a clan Dark Team,and we created our clan forum at:
all can visit it,and i Ross how are u gona be there to see 50 ppl in lobby?i mean there are already much more than 50  ppl that come and play true all day.


Actually. Saturday night for me there is near 30 people online. Although I've invited and game tutorials to all my friends and class mates. How do I get more to come!?!?!?!?!