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First Player Advantage / Map Balance?

Started by Kenjun, May 09, 2012, 01:30:55 PM MT


With the FM, I have killed 5 enemy NPC mages and a whole bunch of guardians by my second turn, because I went first. I think that is a little excessive.


Not really, he had a chance to defend himself or not move in a position to not be killed that easily.

But since it is the A.I. cant really say much on that.

I have killed many heros on a 2nd turn (of game) or 3rd turn of game. Hence which I was popular for back when I played alot.

But it is never because of who went first, its all because cards were just right, or (usually in my case, as my hands are never amazing, just average) they hero was stopped in a bad spot to allow something like that to happen.


I have noticed that winning the game means you have cards, and a mage. Yes, you can win without one, but you are at a major disadvantage.I really think guardians should have a little more spell power. Such as the Pallys being able to use Healing Touch, or the Soul Reaver could use Touch of Death. Like each character could have one card it can use, even if the mage is dead (for the same valor cost of course)


I have to say I win quite a lot without a mage - especially against the computer.

I almost always use the Paladin and Bard. I find the game less interesting to play without a mage though and I would put forward the idea of the mages having two extra health points at the start of every game.


Quote from: Archie on May 30, 2012, 09:45:21 PM MT
I have to say I win quite a lot without a mage - especially against the computer.

Good luck doing that against me! haha


lol! It would be an honour to try...but let's duke it out with a full team on both sides just so I can lose slower than otherwise!!

Ross Przybylski

Quote from: Kenjun on May 09, 2012, 01:30:55 PM MT
Was testing a match vs. AI and my Mage was killed even before I get to play my 1st turn!

Map : Crystal Palace
No. of players : 3 (Me & 2 A.I.)
Teams : Free For All

The AI who went first has a starting position next to me (there's only 4 possible starting positions for teams, akin to 4 parties having a dinner around a square table). Its Sorceress rounded the corner, apparently sprinted, and blasted some spells at me, killing my Mage before I even get to start my turn.

Regrettably I was distracted and was forced to quit the game. I didn't manage to see clearly what was thrown at me, but what I was sure was that I have not even started to play. Didn't manage to capture the game log too. Yes losing your mage is not losing the game, but you must agree that the player who loses a mage face an uphill task, all other factors being equal. Furthermore, this is a case where I didn't even get to play yet.

Just wondering if anyone encountered this before? From what I observed so far there seems to be no 'balance' (negative incentive etc) for the First Player.
I read a thread dated 3 years ago discussing this, but I still feel the First Player has too big an advantage.

I've adjusted the map for better balance. See
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I'm having an absolute blast designing my own maps at the moment (best $10 I've spent in a while) and I'm working really hard to eliminate any first round advantage.

My base rule is that no mage starts being able to walk, summon a creature and have that creature reach an opposite team. The only way a mage can do so is to sprint which leaves them exposed.

It's hard to do but the only way to prevent cheap hits that sometimes just ruin a game (4 points of damage from an Ice Golem is no way to start a ranked game and frankly comes under 'so unlucky it isn't fair' in my books.

If the map is to be played unranked then it's open season and a deliberately unbalanced map can be fun!

(I do long for terrain tiles though Ross...+1 attack dice to the archer hiding in the woods...)


solace is bad map,i yust lost  a game cas he(no matter whu) used psi to sprint on left side and he used psionic blast and then he used mind control to drag my warior down then he used a spell that lowers armour by 4 and hekild him  with mage and  samurai,sow i didnt even get a turn and my warior was down,thats really cheap way to loose,and thats not first time  that someone kild other hero by using same strategy on that map.


Tis true.  I'm the culprit in question.  I've actually noticed a few maps that you can exploit an advantage if it's your turn first.  Esepcially with a psion/sammi combo.

Ross Przybylski

Ha, that's my brother's strategy EXACTLY. He always uses the Psionist on Solace to pull heroes to the center. I should note that I did win each of those games, despite the initial hero pull, because the tactic puts you in vulnerable position if the kill is unsuccessful.
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