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PMing Friends

Started by MagicMissle, August 31, 2012, 02:04:46 AM MT


Could you make an option to be able to PM our friends while they are offline? That would be really convenient.

Ross Przybylski

Indeed. Particularly, ability to message via async would be great. One day, future release!
Manager of D20Studios, LLC


Ross, so does the in game "chat" not work then for Async games? If not that would make since why you didn't answer me during our game.  ;D


Ross Przybylski

Correct, chat during async does not work. Had to make that decision in order to release it as soon as I did. Will include this feature for future release.
Manager of D20Studios, LLC


No worries much rather have the game and no chat :) Now I can play a lot more.


(Moved from another thread where I had posted this, just to say +1)

One thing that I find lacking, though, is that the chat function doesn't really work Async either. I would expect to be able to chat - or send a message - to my opponent during the match. Several times I wanted to congratulate him on something he did, or just let him know that usually getting in the line of sight of a ranged unit is a tricky thing, but I'm not sure he ever got those messages.

I was wondering if you wouldn't consider either store those messages, and notify people that "You have a message. Click the 'Chat' button to read them" - or maybe show them in the main "Chat" menu. There's a notification/number icon frequently in the "Chat Lobby" icon, but I can't tell what its purpose is.


Ross Przybylski

Async chat support is currently not functional. I asked players whether I should delay the release until async chat was ready, and most preferred that I release now without chat support vs. delay the async multiplayer update further.

There's a discussion about this on TouchArcade Hero Mages forums. One concern is tracking all the chat in the database (which could exceed storage limits and make game take longer to load). I'd like to use the existing chat button in a fashion similar to Hero Academy where it would display notification number representing how many messages were input the last round.

The notification number on the chat button in the multiplayer menu indicates players currently waiting in the live chat lobby.
Manager of D20Studios, LLC