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Multiplayer Log-in on IPhone4..

Started by Uberdoggie, September 05, 2012, 08:20:30 PM MT


Good Afternoon, Ross,

Wanted to let you know, I updated the game on my Iphone4.  Single player game and replay worked fine.  Tried to log into the multiplayer..  Pulls up the new screen, but hovers there with a "Prosessing Request" screen in front of it and remains there.  Let it sit like that for about 10 minutes with no change.  Attempted three more times with the same effect.  Just thought I'd let you know.


Ross Przybylski

Several players have reported this issue and we have discovered a solution:

Completely uninstall the Hero Mages app. Then, redownload the app and install and you should be up and running!

I've been unable to determine what exactly is causing this particular bug. I've tested many times and have been unable to reproduce it. I'm thinking more and more it has something to do with preserved data causing a silent runtime error that prevents the prompt from closing. I will be releasing an update that adds a cancel button to processing request prompt so you can close that prompt out manually.
Manager of D20Studios, LLC