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WARNING: Multiple Accounts

Started by Ross Przybylski, August 03, 2009, 07:29:34 PM MT

Ross Przybylski

It has come to our attention that many users have created multiple Hero Mages accounts.  This is strictly against our Terms of Service that you agreed to when registering.  Each person may only have 1 Hero Mages account.  If you are currently using multiple accounts, please stop now.

We will strictly enforce this policy, as there are many unfair advantages to having multiple accounts and doing so also exlcudes new members from gaining access to beta heroes .  Playing as a member and as a guest is also strictly forbidden.  If you are caught using multiple accounts, we will delete them and ban your IP address.

Please adhere to the rules so that everyone can enjoy a fair playing experience.  If you suspect a player is using multiple accounts, please report this to us discreetly by sending an email to
Manager of D20Studios, LLC

Ross Przybylski

I'd like to remind our community once again that using multiple accounts and impersonating guests if you are already a member are strictly against our Terms of Service. 

Impersonating someone else is dishonest and disruptive to our game's community, and we want the game to fun, fair, and enjoyable for all players.   

If you are engaging in these activities, please stop now, or we will be forced to take action by issuing account suspensions, banning accounts, or banning IP addresses.
Manager of D20Studios, LLC