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New Character Ideas

Started by primeminister03, January 14, 2013, 09:21:30 PM MT


For other expansions I was thinking of the following ideas to go with the D&D aspect of the game.

1. An expansion around Nature oriented units.
Mage would be a Druid. Druid could be statted as such. Strength 3, Defense 13, Life 6. Passive bonus could be +1 life, which could represent blossom, as well as a +1 damage to the entangle and sleep spells.
Her ability for Valor 5: adjacent units get +2 Defense until the start of your next turn. Costs 1 card
Valor 10: Summon Air Elemental for the price of 1 card.
Valor 15: Use Entangle for price of 2 cards. And Heal +2 HP.

Guardian 1 could be a Ranger. Could be sttated like this Strength 3, Defense 14, HP 5.
Passive ability could be if any roll is 17 or above the target takes +1 damage.  Ability could be make a Ranged attack at -1 Str and the cost of a card.


A second guardian for the above idea could be the Minotaur.

A second expansion could be geared towards shady characters.
Mage could be a Warlock as such,  3 Strength, 12 Defense, 6 HP.
Passive ability could be +1 damage on touch of death, demonic lash and disintegrate. Summoned skeletons have +1 HP
Valor 5: adjacent unit takes 1 damage on a roll of 13 or higher and this unit heals 1 HP.
Valor 10: Teleport. Costs 1 card.
Valor 15: passive: when skeletons are summoned, 3 spawn instead of 2. When skeletons hit a target, this unit heals 1 HP.

Guardian 1 could be a Ninja. Statted as 3 strength, 14 Defense , Health 5. Passive ability could be: can not be seen for targeting when another character is directly between this unit and the attacker.
Ability could be Whirlwind Attack: adjacent units take 1 damage. Unit cannot have moved this turn. costs 1 card.


guardian 2 for Warlock could be a Dark Knight. Statted as 4 Strength, 15 Defense, 5 Health.
One Ability could be, to immobilize 1 adjacent enemy . Costs 1 card.
Another Ability could be, adjacent target gets -1 strength and -2 Defense until the start of this units next turn.

And for a third, as someone already mentioned a priest/shaman(holy mage). Guardians could be a monk(fist using fighter) and a Champion(javalin throwing unit)

I know it is three decent sized posts, but I am curious about what everyone thinks of the ideas.
So what do you think?


I think these are great ideas, the druid is a good idea, but don't you think it would be better if you could choose between earth, air, and water elementals for the Valor 10 ability. The Warlock sounds awesome, I like the Dark Knight, but it sounds like bat man.
I BEG YOU to review my posts about a Healer Mage in the Featured Requests part of the forum and put your thoughts and ideas into it. I would prefer a priest, but a shaman would sound fun. I like the monk idea, I mentioned that once. This all sounds good, I just hope Ross will read this :)



I have been giving some thought to a dwarf character.  Here is my idea:

Str 4
Def 16
Life 6

Passive:  stunty legs- can only move 3 spaces on move
Pasuve:  magic resistance- at start of turn roll, if 8+ lose all status effects (good and bad)
Activated:  dwarven stamina- 1 card:  take an extra 3 space move

I see this character as an acrobatic type.  Coming in to position, attacking, and tumbling away.  Normally not able to move as fast as the other heros, but able to outpace them when he (or she) gets those little legs rolling!  I tried to incorporate the anti-magic and resilient flavor that D&D generally attributes to dwarves.


Sun golem - summon
Cost 3 mana ( plus one discard?)
Life 10/10
Defense 10
Attack 2
Sunburst Ability: pay 3 life once per turn to add +2 strength unlit end of turn ( or this ability dose 3 damage to Sun golem?)
Supernova ability: sacrifice sun golem, it deals damage equal to its remaining life, rounded down and divided evenly to all surrounding units


I like the concept but it seems way too overpowered.  All the other units would have to be beefed up to have a chance.  So if it only surrounds one unit does that mean all 10 damage gets done to whatever unit (most likely the mage)  If so that's an instant mage killer and it would be abused to no end.  Unless I'm misunderstanding the supernova attack.


Very true about the 10 to one target, maybe instead of straight damage attack die instead. Also maybe 5/5 life is more reasonable. And my idea would be to make it damage all surrounding units, not just enemies. Also maybe no sprint option?


Ok here's an almost full set...

Thief - guard
6/6 life
15 defense
2 attack
Loot ability- 1 card, target surrounding unit gets -2 defense and thief gets +2 until next turn. You can only use this on a unit the Thief has damaged this turn
Throwing knife-  2 cards, ranged attack up to 5 spaces, deals 1 damage plus X attack die where X is the mana cost of the first card (attack die must be over 15 to hit, like Psy ability?)

Necromancer - Mage
7/7 life
14 defense
1 strength
Poison Medicine ability- 5 valor, heal cards can be used against opponents to damage for there heal value.

Destroy faith- 10 valor passive, draw a card after you play a destruction spell. ( stealing this from wizzard)
Restore faith (?) ability  - 10 valor if necromancers attack misses, it gains 1 life.

Raise dead- 15 valor, X cards. Discarded cards must equal 3 mana to revive an ally, each CARD after 3 mana adds +1 life to revive. If extra life is added to the Raise Dead, revived character starts stunned and imobilized until end of this turn

So my idea is high life and defense low attack, and heal cards can be used to attack. Making him somewhat of a heal Mage but high cost/risk for doing so. And I obviously like the X=mana factor, bonus for using the stronger spells in discards.

How do they sound?


Another Mage idea...
Name - Average Mage

Life 6/6
Def 13
Str 3

Average Life Ability 5v discard 1 : (not sure how to word this one...)
(Computer finds) current life total of this mage and a target surrounding unit. Divide by 2 and both units get that amount, rounded down for their life totals (this can be used both defensive and offensive I think.)

Medium Mana Ability 10v passive, : all (your?) spells that cost 3 mana now cost 2 (or-1), those spells that cost 0 now cost +2 mana. Spells that cost 1&2 originally,  remain the same

Tall Boost Ability 15v discard 2: target ally in line of sight gets +11 to its lowest attack die rolled until end of turn...or until the start of your next turn, to fight off the Soul Reavers?

Getting silly now...but use my ideas and improve them please


I have an idea for an Assassin guardian character:

Attack 2
Defense 14
Life 5

Static ability - Pressure points: Units damaged by the Assassin's attacks are stunned.

Activated ability - Coup de grace: 2 cards - Adjacent stunned unit loses 3 life and remains stunned.


Monk guardian

Passive: Effortless Run (8 movement every turn, no sprinting)
Active: Focus +5 to attack roll, 2 damage, 1 hit for 1 card

2str 5hp 15 defense



Necromancer is way OP. 1 spell heals 5 HP. Combined with archer's 1 HP or less ability, and that is a free mage kill. And isn't the summoner supposed to be a necromancer type?


Blade Guardian

Passive: 25% chance if an opponent misses an attack roll (any number per character str) they are dealt 1 damage.
Active: Increase armor by 2 and make passive skill 50%. 1card

1str 6hp 16defense

Shield Guardian

Passive: 25% chance a successful attack misses anyway.
Active: Transfer Passive ability and +2 armor to adjacent targetuntil end of turn.

1str 6 HP 15 defense

These are made as a tandem. Very strong defensively, but weak offensively. Shield Guardians active ability on  Blade guardian seems OP until you realize the shield guardian is worthless without it and you don't have to attack the blade guardian.


Nice article you guys have here very interesting to read.