achievements and awards new characters?

Started by giantsock, February 14, 2013, 03:35:49 AM MT


was thinking an achievements thing nice for bragging rights
. I know I am relatively new but I love the game! more people play too... also maybe classes like a witch doctor, gargoyle, werewolf or something? Any other ideas? I can really are this game taking off too.

Ross Przybylski

I'd love to see a list of ideas for achievements from the community  ;D
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Excellent suggestion! One of my favorite things to do is dork out on the leaderboards and browse through all the awesome stats. Number of kills, rating and leaderboard ranks should definitely get a little achievement love. Also little cool things like making it through a battle with all 3 heroes at full health could unlock an unscathed achievement or killing two birds with one stone ala a big ol fireball or something could unlock another. This thread has potential!!! This is something i feel this most excellent game could benefit from. 


As with anything else only consider players sho played last 2 weeks


-longest winning series KILLING SPREE (duel, team, ffa, all together) and display how many

- most damage done in one match player did xx damage healthpoints

- Most kills or best death/kill ratio with a certain unit xx Master, like player a is Psi Master oder Wizard Master

- Iron lung an award for the winner of match with most turns played.

-Speedy Gonzalez for the win in the least amount of turns


Yes! I would like top 3 spells played, or % played list of all cards for the community as a whole. Maybe catch the current trends?!? Also could be cool to unlock a character or get a map pack if you get all achievements? Also have Mage specific achievements, most summons, maxed out Fighter Mage or whatever!


We really do need to jump start this server again