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Started by Makoto, March 08, 2013, 09:43:03 AM MT


Hello everyone! I'm a new fan of HM and I find that HM is just what I was looking for: D&D style yet easier to learn and enjoy.
And at the same time, I'm also a fan of Battle for Wesnoth, an turn based open-source tactic game (view here: I'm not quite sure, yet IMO, the campaign editor function is a crucial factor to keep Wesnoth alive and ongoing attractive, and so many campaigns designed by fans will add to a vast world. So I was wonder that, will one day HM also has functions like that? I guess that will need lots of hard work, yet this is indeed a inspiring idea that seizes my heart.
As a non-native English speaker, I hope I didn't make your guys confused too much  :) I will try to clarify if there is anything unclear.


Hi Makoto
I am sure that would be appreciated, but right now the focus (especially since D20 games is a rather small company, as far as I know only consisting of Ross) is on the competitive multiplayer mode.

I like battle of wesnoth too and played it quite a bit with some friends of mine. :-)

There are already others who would like a (multiplayer-)campaign.


Hi ili64
Thanks for your explanation and I think I understand the situation now : )

Except the campaign, another point of mine is that I supposed by using an editor, some capable players/ programers may also help to improve this game in many aspects, which would spare Ross some potential work.

However, now I realized I may be too realistic. HM is not an open-source game like Wesnoth after all, and the pattern may not be also suitable for it.


I think/hope though that something like that will come one day! It would be a feature I would appreciate, too. :-)

Ross Przybylski

I'm curious what the potential would be for an open source Hero Mages... Particularly if there were artists willing to contribute animations.
Manager of D20Studios, LLC


It's funny you mention that as I just commented on another thread that you seem pretty busy lately with raising a family and all.  I wish I had the talent both artistically and programming wise but I just dont.  It would be great if you had talented extra hands to help volunteer their time to develop the game further.