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New Player - Prack

Started by Prack, August 15, 2013, 09:05:59 PM MT


Hi All,

I just purchased the game today and found my old Minotaur code that I had won from Droidgamers in 2011! Surprisingly the code still works and I got the Minotaur. I'm having a lot of fun with the game so far and am looking forward to playing with you all.

Anyway just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.

Thank you,



Hi Prack,

welcome! if u send me a friend request u can invite me to play 1 vs 1 or find me in the lobby i am there quite often.


Nice to meet you. Hope we play soon!


Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I have chatted in the lobby a few times but have mostly been playing single player to build my skill a bit. I've only clocked around 5 hours or so. Against the computer I only have about a 60% win ratio so I feel I have some more learning to do before I start playing against real people. Hope to see you in game! :)


I'm also new and i want to play. My discord is zenicide#1596
Let me know whenever you want to play.