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Brainstorm 2013

Started by dustymc, August 16, 2013, 10:32:57 PM MT


New ideas.

1. New cards for each school of magic, I'll leave the mana cost to the profesnals. But things I'd like to see are something like this
Augmentation card : (bardly spirit) visible ally gets +1 to each of their attack die roll , until dispelled
Manipulation  : (arcane reset) discard your hand, then draw that many cards
Summon  : (evil clone) make a copy of any visible guardian. it gets 2/2 life total. If the unit it copied takes damage, the copy/creature is destroyed.
Destruction : (earthquake) roll 2 die, if any hit unit is immobilized
Recovery : (absorb) until next turn, each die from attack/ability against your units gets -5

2. Monthly paid league option (with prizes?). This might raise funds for new expansions or who knows what else! My idea for this is to have two groups based two mages like melee vs. magic or base set vs. expansion

3. Random Team game button. I love the random option that exists but what if we had a second choice to get a random teammate in a game and play 2v2 or even bigger? Maybe this could be part of the monthly/paid thing I mentioned.

Any thoughts out there?


I like the ideas but I get the feeling there wont be much new content for this game.  (and believe me I hope I'm wrong, it's an awesome game)  The developer seems pretty busy in his personal life here lately.  As long as the sprint exploit is fixed i wouldn't be completely devastated if no new content ever happens.  The game is pretty solid as is.  New content would be AWESOME but I just have a gut feeling it's probably not in the cards (no pun intended)


Ahh I knew I forgot something! Yes, a logged sprint roll! Maybe a window/animation, from what I understand sprint is 1+ a rolled d6.

I agree that the game is awesome as is, and I'm sure my cards and leauge ideas are a MUCH more involved process to create than I could ever imagine.

Either way, thanks to Ross for such an entertaining game and all the hard work it must have taken.