Team Games- Allow fellow teamates to make a move for an inactive player

Started by IveGotACaseOfTheMage, August 21, 2013, 01:10:15 AM MT


Here of late, I've started to really enjoy team matches.  4 vs's chaotic and its a blast.  Want to know what's not a blast?  Losing half your team due to them being inactive and getting dropped.  I dont know how everyone else feels but would it not be a better option for a teammate to be able to submit a move for them instead of them being dropped and sentencing the rest of the group to certain death?  If you lose a group match due, in this case because of dropped players, your ranking can go down significantly through no fault of your own.  I think it hurts the team game invites and makes people second guess accepting the invite in the first place which of course hurts the community overall.  Thoughts?


I agree it's a problem! How about making people un-droppable in team games? I had one that took someone so long to move the game just disappeared and no rank was lost/gained.
Or instead of a drop button, have a "pass turn" button for the team games that just skips the lagging players turn


if they became completely undroppable people would exploit that if the battle took a turn for the worst on their side.  I do support either the pass option you mentioned (at least they would still be meat shields) or allowing someone on the team to submit their turn (shouldn't matter since they were going to lose ranking points anyway)