New feature Incentives for the Dev?

Started by digitalblacksmith, April 11, 2014, 07:55:57 PM MT


Is there any way to get development going again on this game? Given the length of time since any update would there be an advantage to opening the code to the community?
I love the game and will continue playing for a while but I think we are overdue for some fixes and new expansion packs.

Sprint cheat
hanging games

Expansion pack:
Mage: Priest - HP5 - heal spells-1, HP10 - dispell magic ability (cost 1 card), minor heal ability.
Kensai - 4 attack die, if miss automatically attack for 4 more. 6 health 12 armor, no attack penalty on sprint.
Druid - 2 attack die, can cast entangle on single unit, may summon a 1/1 bear for 2 cards, max of 1, 6 life 12 armor.
Familiar - (something new) adds one mana per turn to HM, 1 attack die, 10 armor, 4 life. May teleport for 2 cards.

Or have a community contest to come up with a new pack, get interest back up.

How can we make this kind of development happen?


I'm all for this plan get more people and let the people help out with design some with community contests


I just buy map packs every once and a while and hope that helps! There are soo many cool things you could add. A d6 Sprint fix, characters, game modes (guardian duel? 3 guards/no Mage?) terrain, subscription-team leagues (I'd pay monthly!) I could go on but I'll stop there.


I really don't know where to post this but could you add a offline campaign where the person goes across a map and has a big story line but please make the campaign long and you could make it so you can be on or off line so you can play with others or by yourself

Ross Przybylski

Campaign is among the top requested features - and something I would love to deliver.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Please keep these requests alive. I haven't given up on Hero Mages, despite the lack of updates. Lot work under the hood needed before I get to a place where I'm ready to share.
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Well good job king in revealing this article again id forgotten about it and looking at it isn't 1 card dispel a bit powerful Digital?