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Ross, question about development

Started by primeminister03, May 02, 2014, 07:28:26 PM MT


Ross, I was wondering if you could share some info on the source code for this? I want to try and help out if I can. do you use Java? Or something else. Also if you have any more info for what tools you used for art and animations, I might be able to get some of my Dev friends to help out with making some new mages and characters.


Hey Ross,

I also want to support your project. I am new to heromages (since September 2013, but had a long break).
I was looking for a looooong time for a game like this (like heroquest tabletop) and just found it randomly. That's sad enough. Years ago - from 1997 to 2001 - I played a lot JaggedAlliance 1+2, for those of you who know this wonderful round based strategy game..

So, what I want to tell you is, that I am interested in joining your team and make this game more popular. I am a very creative person with a lot of ideas, that I like to share with you. I also made some well balanced maps - every one for its own destiny. Maybe you take a look at them for your mappool.

Hope to get some feedback. :)