New Hero Mages Server "Nimbus" Now Running!

Started by Ross Przybylski, June 08, 2014, 11:30:08 PM MT

Ross Przybylski

Dear Hero Mages Community,

To help with loading times of forums, leaderboards, and game lists, I've migrated Hero Mages to a new server dubbed "Nimbus" - a core i7-4930K CPU @ 3.40GHZ with 16GB RAM and SSD harddrive.

Truth be told, the real culprit is the rather complex MySQL script I have running to tally up every detail regarding stats (this is why longtime players like WorldChamp take FOREVER to load). Until I have a chance to resolve this with a smarter, caching algorithm or something, however, the new server should result in a noticeably faster experience.

My thanks to all those still playing and enjoying the game!

Manager of D20Studios, LLC


Leaderboards, game list and player stats are all significantly faster. Thumbs up, Ross!


Seems to be working well.  I am a sysadmin by trade so if you need help let me know, I specialize in Cloud migrations so if you want to get out to a EC2/RDS I can help you there :)
Anything to keep the game smooth and running!


Im not sure is this post belongs in this part of the forum, but i was wondering if it was possible to develop a 1v1 on same device option. i love this game but i would like to be able to play my friends on my tablet without needing two devices connected tot he internet.