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"Evil" Mages and Guardians

Started by Slightquills, August 18, 2009, 05:11:33 AM MT


Being good is fun and all, but I think it would be sweet to have evil characters as well.

Although the Soul Reaver kind of rides the edge a bit in my oppinion.

Although, I'm not entirely familiar with the setting yet. Does the setting have room for more fantastical creatures and undead hordes or whatever?

Ross Przybylski

Absolutely! We're very open to suggestions for new characters and the fantasy world of Papillion is home to all kinds of creatures.  We want Hero Mages to be a game where our community can share ideas with us and help shape the story of Papillion and the dark prophecy that has brought war to the lands.
Manager of D20Studios, LLC


i think there should be troll, goblin, and shaman characters, i hink that would be awesome!


I'm all for a shaman character or hero... Its my favorite fantasy game class/role/job.

Now only if ross would give me a unique shaman, I'd be set.

Ross Przybylski

One day I'm gonna have to break out the list of the game's original 48 characters.  I've got a large collection of miniatures and I had a piece for everyone.

The problem, though, was how similar and somewhat indisguishable the characters were with that many.  The goal with having 12 was to condense the plethora of possiblities into distinct characters that each captured a unique aspect of the fantasy character genre.  Hence, I feel one of the challenges with the new characters is to fashion characters that capture a wholly different feel or playstyle- and I've got to say I'm impressed with the ideas so far.

On the other spectrum, what about further developing the existing character roles?  It might be fun to be able to unlock additional powers for your characters and customize your heroes.  For example, maybe the Rogue has a set of stealth powers that he might opt to use instead of his bow and arrow.
Manager of D20Studios, LLC


hmm interesting idea Ross, maybe like a slightly different build and you can chose which one to play.


 I just had an idea of a smoke bomb for the rogue, creates one square of smoke which blocks line of site gives anyone in it -1 strength -1 defense. A simple debuff with the ability to block line of sight.

Not sure how many cards it would have to cost. 1 maybe 2 ?