In the once peaceful land of Papillion, a mysterious prophecy strikes fear into the hearts of the people as emperors, kings, and tribal leaders now prepare for war. Who will arise amidst the chaos to become the foretold hero of magic, destined to determine the fate of Papillion?

Hero Mages is a free online game where players command a band of mighty heroes fighting to control the fate of Papillion. Equipped with traditional board game elements -a set of dice and a hand of cards representing magical spells- players must leverage skill, luck, and social politics to emerge victorious in this exciting battle of turn-based strategy that can be played from any Flash enabled web browser.

  • Jump right into the action with pick-up and play mechanics that can be learned in minutes

  • Formulate creative strategies and experience something new each game with diverse characters and abilities

  • Battle during your lunch break with an average playtime of 25 minutes

  • Leverage wit, luck and politics to win as a team or claim the glory for yourself in 4-player free-for-all

  • Emerse yourself in the experience with brilliant visuals, battle-charged sound effects, and an epic musical score

  • Forge the story of Papillion by battling as your favorite mage and sharing your ideas with the Hero Mages community

  • Track your gaming statistics and climb the leaderboard with our skill based rating system

  • Play entirely for free or expand your gaming experience by purchasing Hero packs and creating your own custom maps
Game Options
Minotaur Chargel
Dice Roll


  • Artificial Intelligence: Players can add computer opponents and play as single-player vs the AI, cooperatively as a team, or pit the bots against each other to learn new strategies.

  • Game Reconnection: Games are no longer ruined if a player loses their connection. Disconnected players can rejoin any game they were previously playing!

  • 8 Player Support: Hero Mages has increased its player cap from four to eight players, allowing for massive free for all and team oriented battles.

  • Enhanced Team Play: Players can select the new “Team Distributed” start zones option to group teammates together on the map. In addition, the team allegiance of each unit is now easily distinguished by a colored marker.

  • Live Spectators: Spectators no longer have to join a game they wish to observe prior to the game start. Now you can join any game in progress to watch and learn new strategies!

  • Game Host User Controls: Game hosts now have access to advanced user controls, including the ability to switch players to spectators, switch spectators to players, boot or ban users, and transfer hosting control to another user.

  • Party Builder, added to the game lobby, allows you to discover the different heroes of Papillion and create your own custom team in a fun and interactive way.  Additionally, it will remember your hero choices during the same login session, allowing you to make quick adjustments to your selection as needed between games.

  • Hot Keys have been added for all actions within the game.