The Emperor, Cosme, had ruled the Northern Provinces of Papillion for decades in what scholars were calling a Golden Age. And, rightly so! Food was plentiful. Various tribes and races lived side-by-side in harmony. Wars had ceased so long that no one living could recall when one had last occurred.


One day, however, a mysterious traveler brought word to the Emperor of a strange prophecy. It foretold that one would emerge as the ultimate ruler of all Papillion- the one called the Hero Mage. Whispers of this fabled Hero Mage soon spread throughout the villages, through towns, and into cities – who would this Hero Mage be? What would happen when this person took control? What would come of their peaceful ways? The unknown turned to fear and soon began infesting the hearts and minds of the people.

Despite his years of experience as ruler, the Emperor was not immune to the widespread panic. It was difficult to know what the outcome would be as peace and quiet living were all that his people had known for so long. He sought the advice of those in his closest council. They reminded the Emperor of those on the outskirts of his land – the athletic and thrill seeking elves and their elite warriors, the Fighter Mages, who inhabited the wooded areas to the west, the wise and cryptic sages, the Wizards, living to the east atop their mountain sanctuary, and the mysterious dark seekers, the Summoners, who huddled in the dangerous lava caverns to the south practicing necromancy. Surely they, too, had heard the rumors. Surely they, too, feared who would become the Hero Mage and attain ultimate power over the land.

It was then and there that the Emperor decided his Empire would need to be victorious! The Hero Mage would come from his lands! He would need someone with the fighting prowess to overtake the skilled Fighter Mages of the elves, the superior wit of the studious Wizards, and the dark supernatural armies of the Summoners. And so he sent out his council, to scour the land to find such a person, the one to be the Empire’s Hero Mage…


Elsewhere, word of the prophecy had indeed spread to the inhabitants of Papillion, turning pleasant neighbors into suspicious enemies. The elves rounded up their best fighters and sharpened their swords deep in the forests. The Wizards studied past texts and practiced their ancient incantations. The Summoners raised dark armies from the bowels of the earth, determined to persevere. The prophecy had reached all of them, but it was the fear that had driven them to war.

And so, through the murky swamps and dense trees, down the snowy mountains, and across lush fields, the champions of Papillion marched forth, forming alliances along the way and hiring mercenaries to aid their quest. It would be only a matter of time, now, before the first deadly encounter would take place. Who will emerge the Hero Mage?