Hero Mages is a game of strategy that plays just like a board game. A 13x11 grid represents the field of battle. A roll of dice determines the results of combat. A deck of cards represents the power of magic.

At the start of the game, each player is dealt a hand of seven cards and assumes command of a team of 3 heroes consisting of 1 Mage and 2 Guardians. These heroes are represented on the game board as animated models called “units”. The concept of the game is simple: players take turns moving and attacking with each of their units in an effort to eliminate all of the opposing heroes. The player with the last surviving team of heroes is victorious!

Units possess diverse statistics and abilities that give them distinct strategic advantages within the game. Your Mage is your most powerful unit. In addition to having four unlockable special abilities, mages are the only unit that can cast spells. Spells are potent magical abilities that allow you to empower your units with strength, unleash the fury of the elements upon your foes, manipulate the battlefield, and create additional units called "creatures". Leverage the powers of your units and spells to develop creative ways to dominate the battlefield.