Now available for web browser, coming soon to mobile! Many, many fixes!
Thanks for reporting bugs so we could fix them in this new version!
D20Studios delivers asynchronous multiplayer and more to Hero Mages as promised!
The next major update for Hero Mages is imminent. Check out this link for a full list of additions.
Electronic Playground's video review of Hero Mages for iOS is exceptionally well done and exciting!
Read about Ross's experience developing Hero Mages in this article featured on Adobe's ADC homepage
I am beyond excited to share that Hero Mages will be published as a tabletop board game by Game Salute.
Brad Cummings reviews and finds himself surprised by the iOS version of Hero Mages
Celebrate Adepticon's 10th anniversary by playing Hero Mages with Warhammer fans from around the globe! dubs Hero Mages the "Definitive Multiplayer TBS". Not bad for an indie title! interviews D20Studios lead Ross Przybylski on the making of Hero Mages for iOS
Members of the TouchArcade community are chatting up a storm about Hero Mages. Join the conversation!
Sean Koch of gives an exclusive preview of the upcoming Hero Mages for iOS
Hero Mages for iOS is a finalist for Best Mobile Game award in 2012 indiePub contest!
Enjoy Hero Mages on any size screen with the new unified interface for web and mobile devices.
Meet the friendly and precocious characters of Papillion by playing the FREE Android demo of Hero Mages.
If you’re a fan of D&D, Warhammer 40K, Magic the Gathering, or role playing games, you’re in for a treat.
Read Paul Wilkins's astonishing review of Hero Mages for Android at
Read Chris Priestman's thoughts on the Android version of Hero Mages. I did not pay him to say this stuff!
Now's your chance to get the exclusive Minotaur on Droid Gamers! Hurry, only 100 available!
Compelling Multiplayer Fantasy Tactical Strategy Comes to Android!
Check out the latest demonstration of the upcoming Hero Mages mobile game!
New "Mage Duel" objective should lend itself well to big team games of 4v4.
Hero Mages wins the award for Technical Excellence in indiePub's 2010 Mobile Game Competition
Check out this nice little article about Hero Mages for Android by Andrew Huff on Droid Gamer.
Finding an opponent just got easier- the all new A.I. is ready to accept your challenge!
Hero Mages made Semi-Finalist in the category of Best Game Design in IndiePub's 2010 Developer Contest
Vote for Hero Mages on indiePub, unlock the Minotaur, and create your own custom hero design!
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v1.4.1 Fixes
Game & Forum Servers will shut down for 24hrs Wednesday 7:00PMCDT until Thursday at 7:00PM as we update to the next major release.
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05/17/10 Update: Winners List
D20Studios joins hands with BBGSite to offer players a chance to obtain the exclusive Minotaur
v1.3 of the Hero Mages game client will launch April 8th, 2010 at 8:00PM CDT
Meet the creator of Hero Mages in person April 10th-11th at College of Dupage, IL
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Version 1.1.0 is now available.
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Version 1.0.1 is out! Join us Wednesday night 7:30PM CDT for some more dev games!
The game will launch Wednesday, July 22nd at 7:00PM CDT
D20Studios will showcase Hero Mages in the electronic gaming area, booth #235
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D20Studios proudly unveils the culmination of 3 years hard work