Announcing the Winner of our Game Music Competition


Musicians from all over the world entered our competition to compose a musical score for the trailer of Summoners Fate to be featured in our Kickstarter launch next week. We asked contestants to create an original musical track that represents the art, animation and visual style of Summoners Fate. Three finalists were selected and our community voted for the winner. The results are in, and that winner is…Albert Fernández and “Summoning for the Lofty”.

Based in Spain, Albert is a composer/sound designer specialized in writing music for video games and visual media. Most recently he composed the music for “Missing Translation”, an award-winning puzzle game developed by Madrid’s AlPixel Games and played by 500,000 users on Steam. Now he’s currently making the OST for “Dunpet Colors” an RPG that released its demo in October. He’s making the music for “1214” a survival horror game that will release in 2018.

When asked what inspired his music for the competition, Albert replied: “When I saw the art style and the overall feel of the game I thought of choosing a harmony and instrumentation that reflects an epic and magical mood. I also made the music thinking that it doesn’t have to sound too mature/serious since the graphics transmitted me a more light atmosphere.”

Albert will receive the winning prize of $350 in addition to being featured and promoted in our Kickstarter campaign. “Summoning for the Lofty” will debut on Monday as the music in our trailer when the Kickstarter for Summoners Fate goes live. Congratulations to Albert, as well as our finalists, Daniel Larsen and Matthew Kelly, and the other composers who submitted entries to our competition. Also, a special thanks to all those who participated in the voting process.

Listen to all the finalists tracks here
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