Sequel to the original tactical card game Hero Mages

About the Game

Abalon (formerly Summoners Fate) is a tabletop inspired roguelike that fuses turn-based tactical combat and card strategy. Choose your Summoner and embark on ever-changing adventures in search of hidden secrets and powerful cards. Recruit diverse characters ranging from rampaging barbarians to time traveling rats to join your party. Construct a custom deck from over 400 cards and devise creative strategies like hurling squirrels and mutating them into an army of super human hulk squirrels. Defeat powerful bosses, fulfill the cosmic prophecy and even attend a goblin birthday party!


Top-Down Perspective

The world is a tabletop board game brought to life. Your team looks up at you to command them. It's a good thing they have double jointed necks.

Ever-Changing Adventure

Explore a unique open world each time you play filled with encounters where a roll of the dice can change your fate. Manage your resources carefully to survive.

Accessible Strategic Depth

Execute gratifying combos with intuitive controls. Your position, facing and environment matter in ways never before seen in a tactical RPG.

Creative Deck Building

Construct decks with over 400 tactically distinct cards. Choose familiar favorites like fireball or originals like streampunk timetraveling rats!

Battle Mode

Master your favorite Summoner in the arena where you'll face formiddable AI opponents.

Community Driven Design

We listen and bring your awesome ideas like super slap treants to life. Chat directly with the devs on Discord.

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