We care a lot about providing the best customer experience and ensuring that our players are satisfied with our games. We're a small team, and what makes our service unique is that when you contact us for support, you're speaking directly with the developer who created the game.

We strive to respond to emails within 24 hours and Discord requests even sooner. Our working hours our between 9AM-6PM MT Monday-Friday, though we're constantly checking Discord and do our best to respond to urgent requests on weekends and holidays as well.


Discord: (Use the #bugs_and_support channel for fastest response)

Reporting Bugs

The best way to report bugs is in-game using the "Share Feedback" button in the main menu. Using the in-game method automatically provides us with gamestate data that we can use to reproduce the bug and fix it faster. Our bug reports do not capture screenshots, so if you have a graphical glitch, it's best to follow up by posting a screenshot in our Discord server or emailing us. If your bug is urgent or you simply want a faster a response, you can email us or ping @rossd20studios in the #bugs_and_support channel of our Discord.

I want to delete my account or data

Our game accounts do not store any personal information aside from Steam ids and email addresses (if optionally included for the purpose of account recovery). Game accounts are used solely for tracking gaming stats for leaderboards and authenticating multiplayer connectivity. We do not use third party analytics or share user data. If you'd like us to delete your account or any data associated with your account, you can email us for support at or reach out to us on Discord.

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