The first cross-platform tactical card game

About the Game

Hero Mages is a digital board game where each player commands a band of mighty heroes fighting for dominance in turn-based tactics brawls. Equipped with a set of dice and a hand of cards representing magical spells, players must leverage skill, luck, and social politics to emerge victorious in exciting battles of turn-based strategy.


Choose Your Party

Play your favorite style with one of four distinct Hero Mages and up two of 13 guardians. A shared deck of 50 cards represents the magical energy to cast spells and power your heroes’ abilities.

8 Player Multiplayer

Engage in epic turn-based battles with cross-platform multiplayer support on computers, phones and tablets for up to 8 players in any combination teams or FFA.

Asynchronous Gameplay

No time to finish your game? Seamlessly transition between real-time turn based play and asynchronous mode. Email notifications alert you when it’s your turn and you can even resume the match in real-time later.

Cooperative Gameplay

Join your friends together in battle against cunning computer opponents with strong artifical intelligence.

Fully Customizable

Game lobbies allow you to fully customize your game experience including map editor and spectators.

Robust Ranking System

Track your gaming stats and climb the leaderboard with our skill based rating system.

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