Multiplayer focused sequel to the award winning tactics roguelike Abalon

About the Game

Abalon Arena is a multiplayer focused turn-based game packed with cards, tactics and mutant squirrels! Build your team of fantasy heroes from a selection of over 50 characters and 400 cards. Enter the arena and compete head to head, play cooperatively or go it alone to defeat increasingly challenging onslaughts of enemies in a cunning game of wits set in the fantastical world of Abalon. The outlandish and compelling interactions are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression long after the battle is over. Win or lose, you'll discover something new each time and have a few good laughs as well.


Cards and Characters

  • 20 Heroes to choose from including a squirrel hurling druid, a life sucking liche king, a time-traveling steampunk rat, and a psychic lizard wizard! Each hero has unique abilities and can command two of the five magic schools.
  • 48 Guardians that you can mix and match to create powerful synergies with your hero, spells, and summoned units. Each party has two guardians.
  • Over 400 cards from which to build your dream team! No commons to dust or gacha mechanics. Each card is tactically distinct and offers unique play-style advantages.


  • PvP Ranked Matches where skilled players climb to the top of the leaderboards for fame and glory!
  • 2v2 Team Battles and Coop Modes where you and a friend work together, till death or victory!
  • Real-time turn-based multiplayer battles are fast, fluid and fun! We've clocked them at seven minutes on average, densely packed with jaw dropping plays, sudden twists, and nail biting cliffhangers.
  • Asynchronous turn-based multiplayer guarantees you'll always have a real human opponent waiting to play. Take your time to plan your perfect turn, then sit back and wait for the notification to get your daily dose of battle action on your time.

Single Player

  • Endless Arena offers increasingly difficult challenges where you play solo or cooperatively to defeat onslaughts of enemies and powerful bosses to climb the arena leaderboard.
  • Artificial Intelligence that fights and flees for its life like any human player! Our third generation AI aims to put your skills to the test, whether you're teaming up with or fighting against your silicon friend.
  • Undo that mis-click and test out how your combos play out with confidence thanks to our handy Undo button. This is a battle of wits, not a test of reflexes.

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